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Glenda Clwyd Harpist

Professional Harp Performances by Glenda Clwyd

Glenda Clwyd has been acknowledged as one of the finest and most important harpists to come out of Wales. Her mastery of the harp and genuine love of the instrument, coupled with her natural talent and flair both as a virtuoso performer and a composer have defined a successful musical career across the globe, spanning nearly three decades.

She is an exceptional and very experienced wedding harpist. Whatever you wish for your wedding day, Glenda’s playing will exceed your expectations. She can create a package tailored to suit you and is able to perform at any of the main events during your day.

Glenda provides exceptional harp music for a range of events, from private dining and family celebrations to corporate engagements and after-dinner recitals to entertain visiting dignitaries. Performing a bespoke programme of music, she will create a luxurious and elegant atmosphere to enrich your guests’ experience.

Some of my services:

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"...Classical Gas...apart from being a great arrangement, was a lovely performance"

Tony Currie, Director of Programmes, BBC Radio 6 International

"You are the Andrea Bocelli of the harp”

Resident aboard the privately owned cruise ship ‘The World’

“The Royal family love you... and are deeply impressed with your playing"

Inter Continental Hotel, Bahrain

“I was particularly moved and impressed by your interpretation of Ar Lan y Môr..”

Conductor Pendyrus Male Voice Choir